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In 1988, Murray Mott established a small, innovative logistics transportation company called Motts Transport, in the Mallee town of Turriff in Victoria. Motts Transport soon outgrew Murray’s private home shed, and a decision was made which would eventually result in the unparalleled growth of his new company.

Murray bought a piece of land in Sea Lake, and got to work setting up the first bulk transport depot for Motts Transport. It’s still a crucial depot for Mott Bleeser Logistics, to this day. His logistics transportation company continued to grow, and in 1990 another opportunity landed at the feet of Motts Transport. Murray Mott expanded his business, and set up a second business in Euston, NSW with Michael Bleeser – this time called Sunraysia Bulk Transport.

The two companies ran side by side, focused on providing affordable bulk transport to companies that needed it. Eventually, in 2007, after the work load continued to expand rapidly – the decision was made to merge these two growing transport companies. Motts Transport and Sunraysia Bulk Transport united, and became Mott Bleeser Logistics, a company at the forefront of bulk transportation today.

The Mott Bleeser Logistics company continues to grow in new directions – always on the lookout for qualified solutions for their industrial clientele. Now, their operation includes specialist gravel tippers in conjunction with their fleet of grain tippers – to safely haul aggregate loads. General freights are another recent addition, with two B Double Tautliners that handle loads daily, on the Sea Lake to Melbourne routes.

At the centre of Motts Bleeser Logistics, is the head office situated in Laverton North, with a dedicated bulk transport depot in Sea Lake. Altogether, their fleet of B Doubles has the ability to service all bulk transportation needed in the entire North West. Each specialized vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking system, which assists with loading and monitoring of driving hours and drive fatigue.

Mott Bleeser Logistics has come a long way since the shed days, but we still try to give our clients the individual attention, quality service and safe, on-time delivery they’d expect from a developing leader in the logistics transportation field. Contact us for any of your bulk transportation requirements.

Some of our Major clients are:


• Laverton

• Sea Lake


• Mass Management /
• Fatigue Management
• Maintenance Management

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